La Fiesta Triste
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La Fiesta Triste — La Fiesta Triste
Release date : Jul. 01, 2000
Label : Self-released
  1. discotecas invisibles
  2. las imagenes muertas
  3. la ciudad no existe
  4. amor sintético
  5. la virgen enferma
  6. inerte
  7. espiral
  8. canción sin vida
  9. tema desafinado
  10. la última canción
  11. la distancia vacía
  12. signal aout 42 - everybody loves you
  13. grauzone - hinter den bergen


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Javi Andreu (Fête Triste) solo project, electro-minimal, with EBM and Electric Guitar elements.

Produced and self-released by Fête Triste in 2000.

CD Jewel Case

Printed colour twofold cover and printed inlay.

Currently sold-out.

All songs created and recorded by Javi Andreu, except for #12 (cover of Signal Aout 42 original, with Nacho Artax’s voice) and #13 (original by Grauzone) Photographs by Mónica Aroca.

La Fiesta Triste