The Border Crossing set for release

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Hi all!

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Our brand new 2015 album “The Border Crossing” is ready for its release. After re-forming the project in 2013, we have finally gone through all the process of conceiving, creating, developing, mixing, mastering and releasing 9 tracks that distill all the essence of our distinctive mix of Post Punk, EBM, Dark Wave and Industrial sounds.

All of it with the awesome help of more than 100 crowdfunders who, by contributing in the campaign, have helped us give it the final breathe of life, aiding in covering the costs of manufacturing it and turning it into a physical release.

Listen to some tracks in Soundcloud.

Official release dates are:
May 15th for the CD and Digital Download editions.
June 22nd for the Vinyl Edition.

Until then you can still purchase them from our store with a discounted price.


Stay tuned, as more news are coming soon, such as the lyrics pages, the date for an all-night-long release party and…. something very special we will disclose in due time too.

If you are a journalist from a specialized magazine or website and would like to get more information or materials for writing about us, please get in touch (details below).

If you are a potentially interested distributor do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond in a timely manner.

Either by writing to or by using the form in the contact page.



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