New Pronoise album – “The Border Crossing”

Big news – a very special moment for all of us!

We have finally finished enough new tracks, which are up to our self demanding standards, to be able to release a new full length album!

In order to release it as we believe it merits, both in CD and in vinyl, and keeping with our principles of creating our music in an independent No Strings Attached and fully Do It Yourself way we are going all-out and trying to self-release it.

To this end, we are launching a Crowdfunding campaign in the Verkami platform. We will need all your support. Without you we won’t be able to make it a reality. Each and every contribution is going to count much and YOU can make the difference!

This is the link to the campaign

Crowdfunding campaign

In the Verkami platform you will find all information:
– Rewards you can obtain
– Information on the project and the album
– A promo video that you can share all over the Internet, in social networks, etc.
– Snippets of 3 tracks that will be present in “The Border Crossing” – you can also share them
– What the funds will be used for
– Special bonus – only available during the campaign
– Information on websites and media (online and/or printed) who publish news about it

We will keep you updated at all times through Verkami’s own page, by email, in Facebook and of course in our own website.

Pronoise needs you! Help us make it a reality!

Thank you so much!
Nacho Artax and Javi Andreu (Fête Triste)

Click here to contribute

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