In times of noise – The Pronoise mega-update

Finally we’ve found the time to make a proper update post in English. Sorry about that, but lots of things have been happening and somehow we never found the time to do this.

Pronoise HTTPSFirst and most important, a much needed update to our website has been finished. All code and security has been brought up to date and we’re happy to say that we’re now also HTTPS certified, so you can rest assured you’re on the safe side when visiting our site and all your browsing is totally encrypted.

On the quick news side: we just launched the new hoodies/sweatshirts for this winter. If you’re reading this from your email subscription, later today you will receive a juicy discount coupon for any of them. If you are not on the list and are reading this on the website, make sure you sign up asap to get the discount code. Oh, and all remaining T-shirt sizes must go, so we’ve heavily discounted them. Here’s the direct link to the Pronoise Merch Store.

Pronoise zipper hoodie
On the music front, we’re getting new songs ready and in 2016 we’ve done a handful of small local shows to test what to add to our show and have it all ready for the just started season. We also played live with The Arch (some pics and a review -in Spanish though- here). Soon we’ll announce new live dates with all the additions we’ve been testing, it is a powerful show indeed.

Plus, we’ve been driving a new idea ahead. Our local underground/alternative music scene is very fragmented and we thought it would be good that someone gathered a few local artists to do something together. So we spoke with a few of them and suggested they did a cover or remix of the Pronoise song they liked most. We already have them and we’ll soon deliver them to the world after we add our own post-production and mastering touch (and some extra surprise too ;). In the meantime though, two are already public. One by the atmospheric post-punk band Más Allá, and the other by the local hip-hop band Mystikal Soldiers (interesting stuff!). Below the videos in Youtube for you to enjoy.

Thanks for being there. From now on we’ll update regularly on all activities (but of course we won’t clog your inbox, promise!). Cheers.

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