Suzanne And The Sea Of Souls

Suzanne, cunning flame inside my heart
devilish beauty for all time

It’s not the only way

What’s that light shining upon your eyes
when you are gazing at this sea?

together we shall triumph
as we’ve already done
in the past when alien forces pushed us
into corners we fought back

Knowing silence works
Moments loathed by those
who have not yet found support – but should we care?

Going through

Suzanne, suffering is not the only
way to cut through others’ hate

It’s not the only way

Let their streams just flow in their sickened thoughts
see that aid’s not what they want

bystanders watching turns
maelstroms and lifes consumed
at the very end realizing it’s too late their raising arm then drowns

come on take my hand
let’s turn and go back
to our shelter ’cause our rest and comrades will be there

Going through


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