Distorted is the view of man

PRONOISE are Nacho Artax and Javi Andreu

E.B.M. / Dark Wave / Post Punk / Industrial band from Valencia (Spain) started in 1996 by Javi Andreu and Nacho Artax.

During 1996 and 1997, and with very basic means, we recorded, produced and self-released on CD our album “Low Light Vision”. In a time without social networks and when no local label was interested in post-producing and issuing our work, we were barely noticed but for a few loyal friends. Sounds that seemed just out of their time: several years behind the perfect moment, and many years ahead of being able to capture the attention of today’s modern communication possibilities.

Read our Bio page for more information.

The project was then put on hold.

16 years later, by a series of fortunate coincidences, as if Chaos had finally decided to wave a lazy hand and make something happen, the people at Horizonte Espectral listened to our music and were so enthusiastic about it that they decided to partner with us to achieve something we had almost forgotten: fill us with energy and move again to re-release our work.

Check our Discography page for all details.

After 2013, the continual support of friends and acquaintances led us to re-form the Pronoise project where we left off. Finally, in 2015 our work materialized in our latest album: The Border Crossing.

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Thank you all for you support, whichever way it comes!