All the project is led by both equally.

The Border Crossing Credits

Nacho Artax: voice, lyrics, machinery, production.

Javi Andreu: guitars, analogics, melodics, design.

All other aspects and instruments by both Javi Andreu and Nacho Artax. 100% conceived, created, developed, released, marketed and promoted by Pronoise.

This release has been possible thanks to the collaboration of more than 100 crowdfunders.

Special thanks to: Mar Hernández, Killing Time and Mónica Aroca. And the label Horizonte Espectral who in 2013 encouraged us to re-form Pronoise – always thankful.

Low Light Vision Credits

Nacho Artax – Voice, Synthesis, Digital Effects, Sequencing
Javi Andreu – Bass, Guitars, Analog Effects, Drums

All songs written by Pronoise.

All Lyrics by Nacho Artax except:
‘Hunting’ – Alfredo Álamo and Nacho Artax
‘A Heaven – Alfredo Álamo and Nacho Artax

Photography by Mónica Aroca

Visual Design by Javi Andreu

Main Voice in ‘Purple and Blue Neon Reflections’ – Amparo Blay
Additional Bright Piano in ‘Regretful’ – César Sáez de Eguílaz

Mixed, recorded and produced by Pronoise in 1996 and 1997.

2013 – Low Light Vision – Vinyl Edition credits

Post-produced by Pronoise and Horizonte Espectral in 2013.

Promoted by: InfoDisco

Label: Horizonte Espectral

Low Light Vision 2013 Vinyl Edition Thanks

Javier Milame (Javijavier) for making this possible, La Fiesta Triste, Luís Torregrosa, Susana Sánchez, Irene A., Marina Andreu, Nicolas Andre, Rohan Fuster-Fabra, Txus Gama, Keko Simó, Pablo Ramírez, Modesto Granados, CSA La Residencia, Killing Time, all those who have believed in our music, anyone who has supported this project, everyone who has encouraged us to keep going, all the bands who have influenced, guided and inspired us, all Valencia pubs and clubs in which our fascination for music grew, the Alboraya rehearsal rooms and all the bands that came our of there in the 90s; to our families and neighbours for bearing with us and our ‘noise’, to all the audience and anyone whose hands grab any of our recordings.

Distorted is the view of man

Nacho Artax and Javi Andreu

Latest Release

Pronoise - The Border Crossing - Cover
Pronoise — The Border Crossing

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